7 Latest Trends In The Logo Designing World


Your logo design is an integral part of your business identity. It’s like a visual representation of your business identity. Whether you already have a logo design or want to create a new one for your brand, you need to be updated with the latest trends in the logo designing world. 

Here are seven of the latest trends in the logo design world that you can take inspiration from:

Adaptable Logo Designs 

Brands and businesses are becoming more and more conscious of their audiences. This is getting reflected in the way brands are designing variable logos to not only adapt to different segments of the audience but also to cater to the different stages of production. The idea behind using adaptable logo designs is to build a stronger connection with the audience through design. It inculcates the smart use of iconography, creative typography and a good scope for customization. 

The logos may be tailored to alternate between different images, colors, text, patterns, and elements. This year, the concept of adaptable logo designs is going to prevail and involve abstract and creative ways to do so. Many brands are also choosing to create variable logos for different platforms.

An example of an adaptive logos for artist – Brea Weinreb

Mindful Color Palettes 

Color plays an important role in representing your brand. You have to be very mindful of the color palette that you use in your logos. The colors that you use in your logo tell a story about not just your brand, but the nature of products that you sell. The color palette you employ in your logo helps you communicate your message effectively. Choosing the right set of colors for your brand logo is integral to catch your audience’s attention.

Being conscious about which colors you use in your logo and how you use them is important for expressing your brand message effectively. Instead of selecting random colors without much thought, brands are being very mindful of using colors in the logos. Keep in mind what kind of products you’re selling as well as who your target audience is when building your color palette. 

Here’s an example you can refer to, for inspiration-

Sweetie Pie Creamery’s logo uses bright colors to catch audience eye

Logos That Have Overlapping Components 

Logo designs are now inculcating overlapping icons, letters and/or other components to create a unique visual. Brands are embracing opacity along with striking shapes, elements, and colors in their logo designs. Many brands such as PayPal stand as one of the perfect examples of this new trend of overlapping components in the logo design.

PayPal is an example of how brands are inculcating the trend of overlapping components

Geometric Design 

Geometric designs are another one of the top trends that brands are blending into their logo designs. Going beyond the standard geometrical design, brands are embracing new-age geometric design as a part of their logos. Mixing up the elements of a mindful color palette and softer compositions, with this trend, brands are leveraging the best components.

WY’East Foundation’s brand logo inculcates new age geometry elements in their logo

Minimalism With A Twist 

Another great trend in logo design is the evolution of the minimalist logo designing style. The concept of minimalist logos came up in the 1970s, and yet the concept of minimal designs has still not gone out of vogue. Now, brands are utilizing minimalist design in combination with abstract concepts and elements. 

Here’s an example of how logo designs are combining minimalism with other elements: 

Minimalism in logo designs is one of the top trends to watch out for 

Focus On Details 

As opposed to the concept of minimalism, many logo designs are also trying to project full details about the brand. The idea, now, is to use logos to showcase what a brand stands for and inculcate important details about a brand

An example of how logo designs are focusing on details

Evergreen Logos 

Another one of the top trends in the logo design industry is the concept of evergreen logos. Brands are now focusing on creating logos that are timeless. Using vintage elements and classic touches into the logo design is the trend you need to watch out for.

Creating evergreen logos is one of the top trends 

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