App that Does English Homework

App that Does English HomeworkToday’s world has enabled today’s student to be able to perform their duties easily and at their own convenience. Unlike the conventional student from years back where they had to struggle to complete their homework on their own, today’s student is able to seek help from a variety of sources.

From online searching of answers to paying people online to do their homework for them, there is a big difference when compared to about two decades ago. The homework space has definitely evolved in this digital space. A student today can be able to send a snapshot of their homework, upload it upon a prompt and they will have the answers in a couple of minutes.

There are of course pros and cons to doing this. Some may consider it as academic dishonesty while other will see it as a way of helping out students manage their time and complete their homework faster. Both concerns are right. The student just has to manage and control themselves so as to not get carried away with the technology.

There are apps that will be able to complete your English homework for you. Instead of spending hours on end trying to understand a concept taught in class, you can just key in your questions or send a snapshot of your homework and the app will have the answers almost immediately. Please note that despite the advanced artificial intelligence of these apps, it is not possible to replace them, especially with native English writers and speakers like the one on famedwritings.

Some are completely free with limited features and some you will have to pay a given amount in order to access the full version. So what app can you trust to do your English homework for you?

1. HwPic

This is one of those apps that have a free version and a paid version. The paid version obviously has more advanced features that will make homework easier for you. So how does it work? The student is required to take a snapshot of their homework and send it to the tutors who can be found in the app.

The tutor will give a response in a few minutes with a strategic and clear solution. If the student needs the answers urgently or within a short period of time, there is an option that allows him/her to expedite the process and gets the answers as fast as possible. The app however does not allow questions from exams or tests in order to prevent academic dishonesty.

2. Socratic

This app has a search function that enables a student to type in their homework problems and click in order to get the answers. It has information on basic courses including English. It is able to scan millions of previously asked questions that will help you process your own question and understand it better.

Sometimes, the answers may not entirely be correct but the point is that you will understand the concept of the question and arrive at your own correct answer. After all, you are supposed to work on your own homework. This app therefore triggers your thought process and helps you piece up things together.

3. Easy spelling aid and translator

This may not be a major app to help with English homework questions but it can help you polish up on your grammar and spelling. Grammar accounts for marks too. This app helps you get the correct spelling for words you are not sure about and translates for the non-English speakers.