How to Create the Spark in a Wan Relationship?


How to Create the Spark in a Wan Relationship

If you have noticed that your relationship with your partner has noticeably cooled, then this is not a reason to think about breaking up, especially if you’ve met your soulmate on If you love a person, you can always count on restoring and continuing relationships. Nonetheless, before you decide to save your relationship, you should learn about one important detail that psychologists rarely talk about. The human brain does not withstand constant and monotonous emotions.

This is the essence of human relationships. People simply cannot always be passionate and feel a bubbling volcano of emotions. The brain is built so that it is physiologically able to remain in a particular state for a limited amount of time. And it doesn’t matter whether it is happiness or grief — both lose their intensity sooner or later. If the brain did not have this ability, it wouldn’t simply withstand it and literally burned out under the pressure of an endless intense hormonal wave.

What Does Happen in a Relationship?

People go through certain stages of love where they initially dissolve in each other. However, later, they will inevitably return to their initial conditions, and this is normal. If this was not the case, then people would die out long ago because of the inability to do any other things except for being endlessly in each other’s arms. Therefore, before you deal with the “cooled fire,” think, maybe it is more important for you to learn how to live just in this smooth, calm period with your loved one. Can you exist and feel happy when there are peace and quiet in a relationship, and everything is clear and predictable?

If it is so, then we can congratulate you. You are among the mature people who do not need scandals, showdowns, proofs of love and the constant presence of a partner in life to feel alive and valuable! In addition, you are quite self-sufficient. And the only thing you need to fill your days with is self-development as well as the search for joint activities and hobbies with a partner, improvement in the art of love and intimate life.

A period of calm usually begins about a year after the start of a relationship. But if peace and quiet penetrated your relationship in the first months of your acquaintance, then it might be worth thinking about something that went wrong.

If you are dating or have started living together quite recently, but you feel that your partner has ceased to pay attention to you, has become less interested in sharing leisure time, constantly chooses a company of other people, then you can try to recover lost feelings. So, what problems may cause cooling of feelings and loss of spark in a relationship? How to fix it and save the relationship?

  1. First, in such a situation, you need to assess the level of your presence in the partner’s life

It has been already said that the human brain just gets tired of the monotonous emotion. Therefore, if you find that you are striving to take all the free time of your loved one, immediately find a new hobby that will truly distract you from the relationship. It is at this stage that many couples break up. They cannot withstand constant and excessive close contact with another person.

  1. Perhaps you are too focused on your feelings and do not notice the desires and needs of your partner

This is also a common cause of cooling in relationships and even a breakup. Pay attention to your loved one and their feelings; ask them about their difficulties, dreams, and fears. Ask them directly what they like and what they don’t like about your relationship. Try to hear their discontent, not criticizing or blaming. Feel free to share your concerns with them, ask what the partner thinks about this. This is the way how intimacy is created in a couple, and its further development is simply impossible without it.

  1. A common problem is also the fear of being open with each other

You might be afraid to say about your real desires in bed, offer to change something in communication as well as to refuse things that don’t suit, being afraid to lose interest and trust of the partner. However, you need to learn to do it. Otherwise, what kind of trust in a couple can you talk about if you do not tell what worries you?

They say that in any relationship, you can return the passion and love. The main thing is that two people should want that. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Someone may want to leave a relationship. In this case, saving a relationship is not the best solution. The highest manifestation of love will be to let go of the partner and sincerely wish them happiness. In this way, you can clear your life so that true love can enter it.

Is It Possible to Reanimate a Wan Relationship if Your Partner Has Stopped Loving You?

The main mistake of loving people who notice such a distancing of a partner is the habit of being offended or expressing claims in an aggressive manner. You provoke just an active showdown, including scandals, tears, blackmail and even hidden sabotage. You can begin to threaten the partner with non-compliance with obligations. However, what would be better to do?

Calm down your emotions and start a confidential conversation with your partner, giving a chance to say everything they want. Grievances, unjustified expectations, fears, disappointments, just everything. It will be hard. But you need to give a person the opportunity to throw off the accumulated negative emotions, speak out, and be heard. It is quite possible that they are so offended that they do not want to meet, find out something, and seek compromises. In this case, it is better to contact an experienced family psychologist. They will help unblock psychological defenses, get down to the issue professionally, show you new strategies. If it is problematic to take a partner to an appointment with a psychologist, then do not be afraid to start with yourself. Individual consultations are no less effective.

In any case, you need to be prepared for the fact that you may not be able to reanimate your relationship. Certain symptoms may suggest that feelings have long been extinguished, your partner has stopped loving you, and you have turned a blind eye for too long. It hurts, it is offensive, but not fatal. It is better to put an end to the outdated relationship than continue to poison each other.


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