Getting Creative in a Funeral- 8 Ways to Keep in Mind


Even if a funeral is a time of grief, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put your creativity to work. No matter how painful it is for you, finding new and creative ways to say your goodbyes may be useful for your healing. It can also be a part of coming at terms with death.

It may sound dark, but some may have to prepare their funeral. Excellent communication with the family can help one to make plans, deciding on the note of the funeral.

Either way, we all need to go through funerals sooner or later, so we might do it in style (sort to speak!).

Here are some suggestions for all to check:

  1. Think about give away books

When the person who died loved books, he/she may have left a generous library behind. It’s a great idea to share the love for books and offer the family and friends some of the books within the collection. People are going to feel even closer to the deceased. If you have the time and will, you should also order some custom made bookplates or stickers to put inside the cover of books, honoring the deceased.

  1. Make a customized casket

Having a personalized casket is one of the most common ways to celebrate one’s life and interests. You can find casket-makers specialized in patterned and colorful coffins, with plenty of designs to choose from. Stars, butterflies, national flags- you name it! You can even have a specific image on the casket if the company can do it.

Another interesting, yet beautiful way, to get everyone involved is to order a plain coffin and ask the family and friends decorate it later on. They can draw or write messages for the one who passed away. Crayons, marker pens, paint, and even stickers can help you decorate the casket. It’s an excellent way for people to deal with their pain and say their goodbyes to the one they loved. You also have the white color coffins, which never fails in terms of design and elegance.

  1. Re-use the funeral flowers

If this isn’t the first time you go through a funeral ceremony, you already know that you’re going to end up with more flowers than you can use. It’s a shame to throw the flowers away, especially since they’re so lovely. It’s quite common for people to take the arrangements apart and place them into posies. You can offer them to guests for thanking them for their support.

Another creative suggestion is to turn flowers into jewelry (it’s easier than it sounds, no worries). Some translucent polymer clay is what you can use for the project. You can find it in arts and crafts shops.

You start kneading the clay until it softens, sprinkling it in dried flower petals. Continue with pressing again until all leaves are worked into the clay. You may shape the beads the way you want while using some wires for holes for threading. You can bake them in the oven, following the instruction on the clay placket. When the beads are done baking and cool, you may thread them together for creating some bracelets or necklaces. You may either keep them for yourself or offer them to family and friends.

  1. Put together some beautiful seed cards

Seed cards are a particular way to honor the deceased, especially if he/she was into gardening. You may personalize the card and include seeds for guests to grow their plant later on. Forget-me-nots are quite popular. The tiny blue flowers aren’t challenging to grow nor to take care of, and we all know them as a symbol of remembrance. Tree seedlings also make a right choice, since they work as a tribute for decades to come.

You can find companies that make personalized seed cards for special occasions, with the possibility of online ordering.

  1. Have a custom order of service

It’s common for service booklets to be handed out at funeral ceremonies. The significant majority is rather dull, with one photograph on the cover. But they can be used to add a personal touch to the service.

You can make a collage with various photographs of the deceased for the cover. Don’t hesitate to add captions to the pictures for explaining the context. The results are going to be colorful, but they become a fantastic keepsake for the mourners to take home. Anyone paying tributes for the deceased may not have had access to the personal pictures, so the collage may be a fantastic collection of memories to share.

  1. Take the glass keepsake into consideration

Thanks to a recent innovation, the artisan glass blowers may include small portions of ashes into their creations, resulting in an exciting and unique tribute.

Funeral directors can provide the service, and you may choose from multiple colors and designs. Glass spheres with bright and mesmerizing colors are popular, whereas glass pendants for necklaces look pretty too.

  1. Use a memory board

You can also use a freestanding notice board for putting together a collage of pictures. You can display them at the wake and the funeral ceremony too. It’s the right place for the family and friends to get together, sharing their stories about the deceased.

Don’t hesitate to take the idea to the next level, spreading labels/cards to the guests. They can write on cards and also add them to the board. Messages, memories, and even favorite things about the person who dies may be shared.

When the wake is over, the family can keep the photographs and the messages in a photo album. It can serve as as a memorial.

  1. Have a firework display

Many choose to turn the funeral into a “celebration of life,” with dancing, music, and firework displays.

The fireworks display is a great way to celebrate one that was beautiful and energetic in life. Don’t forget to take safety measures when lighting the fireworks.

If cremation is included, you can put the cremation ashes into the fireworks for an impressive way to scatter the ashes. Not everyone may fancy the idea, but it’s still an unforgettable farewell.

One last suggestion

More and more people change their take on the funeral, asking “anything but black” in a funeral ceremony. Follow your heart and dare your guests to wear the favorite color of the deceased or hand out flowers of their favorite colors. Just because it’s colorful, doesn’t mean you’re not mourning the dead anymore. By the contrary, you’re even honoring him/her the best way!



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