How to Write an Essay ? The Guide Inside 2019


How to Write an Essay

Do you need to write an essay? Then it is very good to know how to approach the task. It seems difficult to write an essay, but once you master the principles, it’s not bad at all. Actually, writing an essay can be very fun and exciting because you are allowed to be very personal and learn topics that you find interesting.

What is an essay?

The word ‘essay’ comes from the Latin ‘exagium’ which means ‘learning’. And that’s actually the essay. In an essay, you need to research, evaluate, and reflect on a topic so that your teacher can understand your thoughts. In an essay you may want to discuss various points of view, but it is important that your essay will not be a long discussion. It’s more about the problem itself than about the different points of view, so it’s about making the problem focused by explaining it in a different way.

Here are some tips for writing your essay:

1. Choose the topic for your essay

In an essay, your job often is that you have to write about the text that you have given or about a topic that you care about. In addition to describing the text or topic of the essay, you must also write about your own attitude to the essay – therefore it is important that you choose something that you have (or may have) a clear opinion about and that can be seen from several pages. . And fortunately, an essay shows that you can be creative and write a little more interesting than you normally do.

Tip! Start by finding the theme of your essay and look for as many sources as possible. For example, if your essay theme is psychic world, accessing will be very helpful.

2. Build your essay

Start your essay with concrete experience – maybe an article you’ve read that addresses a community problem, or maybe an everyday situation that you normally encounter.
After you describe it in your essay, you can slowly start moving out where you put the situation into perspective, explaining the topic to a greater extent. That is, you are comparing a specific situation with some larger context, where it becomes a little more abstract in your essay.

Tip! For example, you might start by writing about the fact that you have to submit your essay because your printer isn’t working (a special situation) and you end up discussing technological advances in society – from quill pens to keyboards. To make your essay more comprehensive, it is a good idea to divide it into paragraphs that you provide subheadings. It also helps you keep track of where you are in your essay.

3. Discuss in your essay

Tell about your own attitude towards the problem you encountered in your essay. Please provide one or more examples that explain what you mean so that it becomes clear to the reader what you think. But don’t forget that you also have to look at the case from the other side. So even if you have written your clear stance, you also need to understand what others think that disagrees with you. Hold the two views of each other and discuss a little with yourself. “On the one hand … On the other …” Always remember that this is about explaining the topic from a different perspective – this is not about the discussion itself.

Tip! Remember to emphasize your personal attitude in the essay. You need to show that you are interested in the subject and it is important for you to convey your intentions. If not, it may be difficult for readers to believe what you write in your essay.

Hopefully our tips above can give you real benefits in writing your next essay.


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