Instagram Bio Ideas and Tips for Maximizing Your Account


Maximizing Your Instagram Account

There are many people who are struggling with the issue of writing a compelling bio because bio is an essential factor in captivating the eyes of the target audience. When we are talking about Instagram, it is easy to say that the competition is extremely fierce. When we are talking about the businesses, there are multiples of businesses on Instagram trying to make their sales.

There are many limitations for writing the bio, one of them being the limit of 150 characters in which you need to create the captivating piece of bio. If you are struggling with writing a bio, you have come to the right place. We are saying this because we have added the tips and tricks for the Instagram bio to maximize the number of Buy Real Instagram followers on the profile. Have a look!

#1 Instagram Bio Ideas and Tips for Maximizing Your Account

#1 The Call-to-action Statements

When you are on Instagram, you need to use the target audience to get your aim and objective achieved. Before you work on writing the Instagram bio, sit back and ask yourself what you want the followers to do. No matter what you want your followers to do, be loud about it and tell everyone about your desired action.

The bio of the Instagram needs to be self-explanatory as it can be a medium to introduce the profile. However, you don’t need to pay suspense games with them, rather try to tell them what to do. For instance, if you want the target audience to follow, just ask them to follow you!

#2 Branded Hashtags

When on social media platforms, hashtags are the game changes and on Instagram, hashtags are the hit or miss for the profiles. When you are writing the bio, add the hashtags in the bio relevant to the brand to create the brand image. There are no hashtag limitations for the Instagram bios, however if you want to pose a professional outlook, it is better to add only one or two hashtags.

The hashtags are essential to add in the Instagram bio because they enhance the result ranking in the search results. Hashtags are often named as the alternate of call-to-action statements which adds to the link in the bios.

#3 Links Are Important

As an Instagram user, you really have the limitation of adding clickable links only in the bio. Even if you copy and paste the link the post’s caption, it will not be clickable. So, as you know that one can only add one link in the Instagram bio, choose wisely. If you have a business website, it is optimal to add the website link in the bio to drive traffic to the website. Other than that, adding the link in the bio pose a professional outlook of the profile which plays an essential role in improving the visibility of the profile and business.

#4 Be The Personality

Even if you are a business, it does not mean that the Instagram bio needs to be all sale’sy. There are character limits of almost 150 which are very strict to follow. Buy instagram views The best thing to do is to add the business tagline, slogan, or even the simplest branded hashtags to ensure the captivation of the target audience. On the other hand, you can even add the emojis in the bio which will add a touch of personalization to the bio. However, our favourite is using some humour to allure the target audience into following you.

#5 List Style Format

Rather than writing the paragraphs in the bio, it is optimal to write everything in the bulleted form or the list. The list bios are a famous choice as they are very easy to read and can be scanned easily. With the different bullets, you can pose different messages through the bio.

#6 Character Count

Everyone on Instagram is aware of the character limit of 150 for the bio. People often struggle with this as they are unable to convey their desired message in only 150 characters. The best way is to set up the business profile as it provides a great number of features and the limitations are taken care of. With the business profile, you can add the email, phone number, physical office address, or industry which will cover the character count without putting any bad impact on the bio.


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