What do You know about Polish history?


Polish history

Usually, people talk about Polish history in the broader context of the anniversaries of world events in which Poland played a significant role. For foreigners, this might be the only opportunity to learn about the history of the country. Yet Polish history is a diverse story in which there are moments of both tragedy and glory. And now, you can find more about all of them on the new Polish history portal.

Polishhistory.pl – The best source for Polish history on the Internet

http://polishhistory.pl/ is an online project of the Polish History Museum, located in the country’s capital – Warsaw. It is addressed to those who are interested in the history of Poland and Central Europe and aims to build a community of both professional historians and history enthusiasts. Here you will uncover very interesting things about Polish history over the years and discover more information on events, conferences and meetings.

What’s inside?

The website of the Polish History Museum publishes reliable information on socio-political topics, such as The Balcerowicz Plan (more on: http://polishhistory.pl/posts/). The website is intended as a trustworthy source from which anyone can learn about Polish historical events which have also impacted the world. The content is created in cooperation with eminent historians and offers a diverse selection: reviews, essays, interviews, and multimedia materials. Polish history is an online textbook for aficionados of the interesting.

News, facts and people sharing one passion

These are all waiting for you on our website but pay attention to the last one. This community is being created not only to share knowledge via the Internet. Who knows – maybe you will make new friends among those who share a passion for the same historical events or periods in Polish history? This community also offers its members a chance to exchange views and become part of a valuable group that cultivates a passion for history and is excited to understand the future by learning about the past. There will also be opportunities to bring this community together in real life. More information about meetings will be updated on our www page.



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