Does Offline Branding have space in SEO?


Offline Branding have space in SEO

Before dealing with the main content let us understand what SEO is. SEO basically stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process of positively affecting the online visibility of a websites, WebPages, web search engines unpaid or natural results.  It is an internet marketing strategy which decides how a search engine works.. Another SEO tactic is to increase inbound links which actually delivers positive results. You can always take help from Degions’ outreach if you need any help. The algorithms which are programmed by the computer dictates on search engine behavior, what people search for, the keyword used and which search engines the targeted audience prefer

Now what is offline branding?

Everyone will be well aware of using offline sources to promote a brand. For example you can use billboard to market an automobile brand of yours. Other offline branding techniques include newspaper advertisements, radio, TV ads etc. This attracts the public create an image of the brand. Offline branding suffers from the element of cost. It is actually expensive to have offline branding when compared to the easy and convenient online branding options. One of the greatest advantages of offline branding is that it catches the instant attention of the crowd. You can’t just ignore a great billboard while you are passing by in your car.

We now understood Offline branding; now let’s compare it with online branding. The one great thing about online branding is that it is cheap, requires less effort and has the required impact. On the other hand, offline branding is quite expensive and requires more effort. The other thing about online marketing is that it provides for hyper targeting. That is you actually know what people are searching for. You have a great opportunity to make your branding flexible according the requirements of the customer in the online sphere and it is quite effective that way.

Here comes the real question, does offline branding have a space in SEO; the answer would be a kind of YES.

Read the following reasons to understand why.

  1. Offline marketing improves your online performance


Yes, that is an obvious fact. I might see the billboard of a new phone by a famous company and would like to see more.

For that matter I might go online and search for it there. This is what everyone does and what everyone is doing. Hence this optimizes the offline marketing.

So we can’t just say offline branding does not have a space in SEO. It might be true that online marketing and e-commerce have created a great impact but we can’t just say that fact offline branding has just worn out. It is the traditional way of marketing and it will still exist even though new methods come into existence.

Offline branding optimizes the SEO by providing more traffic to your website. People can be curious to know more about the product and would definitely visit the website if the offline advertisement has become effective.

Offline marketing can boost your online performance by at least 40%. Hence offline branding definitely has a space in SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

  1. It increases your Google ranking

Earlier back links played a vital role in deciding Google ranks for a website or webpage. It just meant that if you had thousand back links then you are going to get a great rank on Google. But later what happened was that people started trading links and all the back links were sold for money. Everyone started acquiring back links with least effort.

Then Google changed their algorithm.

Now to get ranks on Google you also need good amount of searches. People should actually search for your brand or website. To optimize these searches and get people actually interested you have to take the help of offline marketing. It is as simple as that. Your offline promotions will help you get Google ranks.

  1. It gets you links

As told earlier, back links are not as important as it was earlier but it still holds importance. Make sure that your offline branding is great and see all the back links or inbound links that you will get. When people find your product attractive through all those offline branding they might mention the website to your link through their blog, websites and social media platform. How cool is it to get double results through a single effort. You just can’t say offline branding does not help when it comes to SEO. It definitely has its merits in website optimization. It is the corner stone that is going to build all those website popularities. Have a good offline branding methods and you are good to go.

Statistics prove that offline marketing is still as famous as it should be. People are more influenced by TV and billboard ads that they actually think about that product. Hence improving the SEO.


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