Why Parkos is your Preferred Airport Car Parking Solution


Why Parkos is your Preferred Airport Car Parking Solution

Airport parking space is today the most coveted by car owners traveling through Newark airport. One of the key reasons why it matters is the comfort and convenience it provides those going to and fro of the country.

In any airport, car parking serves as a source of revenue. However, not until the introduction of the Parkos system now airports across the world have realized unforeseen kind of normalcy. With all the importance it serves, before, the airport car park was an afterthought to many service providers. Travelers used to suffer as then parking was a forgotten lot. Parkos has revolutionalized the parking system and even enhanced traveling.

You cannot enjoy any trip if constantly troubled where to park your car, security issues and whether long trip away is worth it. Parkos is an online system which is helping travelers across various airports to compare airport parking rates, parking space, and how convenient it is with your travel plan. If you are learning about the system today, see the reason you need to consider its services.

Why you need Parkos System for Your Airport Car Parking

Parkos helps you to compare the prices of the parking space at Newark airport while at home. It also gives you control to reserve a space before your travel date. How does that help you? Travel process can be a daunting experience with all the details you need to gather where you are traveling, packing your luggage, visa preparation and many more.

If anxious about leaving your car at Newark airport, you can talk with service providers to assure how the whole process goes. That way, you can relax while focusing on the trip ahead. Consider reserving a long term parking space using Parkos if traveling for more than 7 days. You can do so before three or two weeks to travel date and the good thing is early booking earns you a discount.

Assurance of Car Safety

Nothing frustrates traveling like when relying on public transport. Anything can go wrong that last minute. The reason why some would prefer using public transport is the fear of packing their car at airport parking. Scaring cases of their cars being broken into or stories of other travelers could deter them to consider that option.

Parkos airport parking system has come to nullify any existing doubt as things are practical. Using your car to travel up to the airport is more convenient especially if having luggage to carry. For instance, in cases where you forget travel documents, speeding up back at home to fetch them is easy. Something not practical using means of transport. It can prompt you to alight with your luggage’s, waste time as you wait for another bus or taxi to take you back home and at the end of everything probably miss your flight. Through Parkos system, Newark parking facilities are secure to leave your car whether going for long term or short term trip.

Parkos allows you to reserve your car spot while at the comfort of your home. The process to book through the Parkos website is a no brainer. Newark airport is secure for all parking whether using near the terminal or the farthest parking, security is tight operating 24/7 and CCTV are constantly running to capture any details. So, when using Newark airport be assured to get your car just as you left it.

Plenty of Airport Parking Options

Parkos understands all travelers have varied needs. Therefore, on the website, you have a range of parking space to choose depending on how convenient it is with your travel plan or pocket-friendly the deal sounds to you. At Newark for instance, you can choose to take short term parking plan or long term parking plan. Short term, you pay either in hours, per day, or a maximum of 24 hours. Short term is considered to be the priciest option when compared to long term airport parking.

Short term is good for you if dropping/ picking a passenger, traveling a few hours and back. On the other hand, long term parking is better if traveling for long and the prices are economical than short term parking. Newark airport is said to be the 15th busiest in the entire United States. So, sometimes though onsite parking is the most convenient it can get crowded as many travelers prefer parking nearby the terminal. To avoid wasting time, you can take the one considered cheap airport parking (offsite) which is 50% less that of onsite parking. However, you have to organize your transport services to cover that distance.

Newark Valet Parking

It can be stressful to park at the airport- not only are you going to pull your luggage to your terminal but spend time looking for the right spot to park your car. Valet parking can save your time spent driving while searching your location even if you had reserved earlier. Valet parking you communicate with Newark service providers using Parkos before the departure date. When you get to the airport, you will find the driver awaiting you at a specified location, pick your car to park for you and your luggage plus yourself are driven on a shuttle to your terminal. The day you return, no stress how to get your car back, you will find the same driver with the keys to your car, pick and drive home safe.


Parkos is the solution for travelers considering leaving their car behind resting at Newark airport parking. Using the service, you are guaranteed to enjoy your travel with no interference from thoughts worrying about car safety. The parking is secure, cheap, and convenient for any traveler.


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