What Is A POS and Why It Is Important In Ecommerce?


A point of sale system or a POS is basically the system that allows the completion of a payment transaction to occur. Earlier, the point of systems consisted of having a dedicated counter with cash registers and bulky machines. Today, you have mobile devices, iPads, and smaller handheld devices that help you complete a purchase with ease. POS systems have matured to providing you with much more than a place for a transaction to occur. They have now become points where service is provided to your customers in various forms. The right point of sale system allows you to collect data so that you can then increase your sales and serve your customers better.

E-commerce and POS make a powerful combination as point of sale systems have become more sophisticated and advanced in nature. They help you collect valuable data from all your online sales. However, if you are looking for sophistication then you need to find the right system that works for your business. Shopify is a globally leading e-commerce platform that also provides point of sale software. It works for small, medium, and large businesses providing everyone the opportunity to make use of data and scaling businesses to new levels.

Shopify’s POS system is perfect for an online store because of the large number of features it provides you with. If you are currently running a physical store and plan on purchasing Shopify’s point of sale system, you can easily build your online store as it is included in the Shopify plan. At present, there are more than 800,000 businesses that make use of Shopify’s point of sale system! That statistic speaks for itself but you must know that Shopify is one of the top POS system solutions available in the market today. It has an extensive set of features that can make your business grow.

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Shopify POS allows you to manage your store from your mobile which allows you to track everything that’s going on with your business at any time. The user-friendly mobile interface enables this. You can even manage your inventory via your phone by adding new products to your online store and changing the price of a particular item. You can save a lot of time this way thus accomplishing more than just regular maintenance tasks and focussing on expanding your business.

What Is A POS

You can easily manage your store via your mobile.

One of the greatest advantages of Shopify POS is the ability to provide you with a solution to accept payments from anywhere. Whether you are selling products online, in trade fairs, or in your physical store, you can easily use Shopify’s system to accept payments. These include using the credit card, debit card, or gift cards as well. You have the ability to send your customers gift cards as well if you wish to, through email or you can print them out and give it to them. You can even accept partial payments from customers.

Shopify POS system is powerful as it allows the inventory to be synced in real time. You don’t want to give your customers the false hope that they can buy a product when in reality it is out of stock. Shopify ensures you don’t run into such a problem by keeping your inventory up-to-date as you sell your products on your online store. None of the procedures are manual which completely minimizes errors.  This enables you to manage your store and inventory easily even if you don’t have the relevant experience.

While Shopify has a long list of features, analytics is the most important one. You want to be the best in what you do and in order to do that you should be able to make decisions that will enable you to improve your business. Shopify POS provides you with product reports as well as retail reports. The product reports help you analyze which products are doing well and which ones are not. This can help you stock up accordingly.  The detailed reports empower you to make decisions that benefit your business.

If your business has just started selling online, then you may have queries regarding POS. No need to worry because Shopify has a 24/7 customer support whereby you can get all of your questions answered. There are various ways by which you can get the assistance you need. You can call, email or contact Shopify experts. There is a help center available to help you out with FAQs. If you want to learn how to set up Shopify POS then you can speak to a Shopify Expert. Apart from these, there are discussion forums and other information readily available for you to use!


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