Thinking of Proposing? Your Guide to Different Styles of Wedding Rings


With over 2 million U.S. weddings in 2018 alone, you can bet finding the perfect engagement ring was on plenty of people’s minds…

So many different styles of wedding rings can make it challenging to choose. Fortunately, we’ve got your guide to the various styles of wedding rings on the market now so you can find the perfect fit (literally), for your true love.

Different Styles of Wedding Rings

While ring designs may vary greatly, most rings can still be categorized within a few standard styles. Below is the list of basic designs you can choose from and customize from there.

  1. Three Stone Engagement Rings

The classic three stone ring style always consists of the symbolic, “yesterday, today, and forever” rocks. Typically diamonds, you can still choose any combination of gemstones you’d like.

The three stone diamond ring is designed with one diamond in the middle and two other diamonds, one on either side.

This romantic design usually emphasizes the center stone by raising it slightly higher than the other two diamonds. The two side diamonds work to accentuate the beauty of the center diamond.

Often, the middle rock is set in prongs, bezels, or baskets.

  1. Side Stone Rings

Side stone rings have one main diamond complemented by a series of 2 or more diamonds on either side. The side stones work to create a more impactful look to the main diamond.

They even give the illusion of a larger middle diamond.

Almost any shape diamond can be used in the middle. However, typical shapes are often princess or round brilliant cut diamonds.

  1. Halo

Delicate smaller diamonds line the sides of a beautiful center diamond. The center diamond can come in many different shapes. Pear-shaped, oval, round, Asscher-cut, many different shapes work.

A top engagement ring in the halo style is made to sparkle even more with side diamonds giving an old solitaire style a more modern take.

  1. Classic Solitaire

This timeless ring has been a top pick for over a century for a reason. It’s stunningly simple. It is known as a romantic ideal when it comes to engagement rings.

Thin bands, thick. Four prongs, six. Square shape, or round-cut diamonds. The options for solitaire are many, but the simple look of the ring makes it a great match for any woman.

  1. Cushion Cut  

If your sweetheart is interested in a vintage looking engagement ring, but still likes a modern feel, the cushion cut is a perfect choice for style. Once referred to as the “old mine” cut, this ring has a square diamond with rounded corners.

The ring also features large facets. This shape of the diamond reflects light in larger patterns than many of the modern cut diamonds.

More For Serious Couples

So many different styles of wedding rings make it possible for you to choose or design the perfect one for your life-long love. With these basic styles as your base, you can get creative and make your engagement ring fit perfectly with the personality of your sweetie.

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