TOP 3 New Ways to Battle Boredom in 2019


New Ways to Battle Boredom

Lately, we’ve come across different studies claiming that being bored might be good for you. But even top researchers let us know that a certain level of boredom isn’t all that great. So, what can we do to battle that feeling? Here are a few interesting suggestions for you to try:

Move around

If you’re not really sure what to do next, consider going out for a short run or practicing a little Yoga. Thanks to the mobile revolution, you don’t even have to sign up for a class and can just download a fitness app to keep you in top shape. You’ll find that exercising helps clear your head and come up with brilliant ideas for activities that will keep you occupied and fascinated for weeks.

Win something

If going out for a run in the heat of the summer is the last thing you want to do, we get it. Playing a mobile game is probably the easiest way to turn bored minutes into pure fun, and you don’t even have to step outside to do that! Social gaming apps like 88 Fortunes allow players to dive right into the slots mania and win rewards anytime they want. These apps are all about entertaining players and keeping them interested and excited, so chances are you will stop feeling bored very fast.

Make new friends

Make New Friends

The reason to your boredom might have less to do with a lack of activities and more with the lack of appropriate partners. It’s not easy making new friends, we know that, but there are plenty of opportunities and forums designed to make this experience more pleasant. In fact, each of the above suggestions allows you to meet new people (yes, social gaming apps do that!) and engage in social activities that will make you less bored and much happier.

They say that younger generations are no longer able to deal with a few minutes of peace and quiet, and that our definition of boredom is what our parents called “taking a break”. But if taking a break doesn’t sound like the best solution at the moment, it’s good to know that there are tips and tools to help you find a fun activity instead. Give these suggestions a go and tell us what worked best for you!



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