Top Ten Skills That Will Impress Every Woman


Top Ten Skills That Will Impress Every Woman

Are you thinking of mastering a new life skill to impress the ladies? A reputable dating site called Loveawake study showed that women rate a male’s ability to speaking other languages as the #1 factor when finding a potential partner on a dating site. Well, whether it’s just preparing a simple cocktail, or a more complicated talent, here are our top ten skills that will surely impress a lady or two.

  1. Being a handy man.

Knowing your way around the house is one sure move to impress her. You earn half a point for knowing how to change a light bulb. Another half point for knowing how to hang some pictures. You earn ten mega points for knowing how to assemble any type of Ikea contraption ever made.

  1. Knowing how to clean the house.

Bringing home a girl to the apartment? Clean it first and keep it clean every single time from there. A sparkling clean apartment will surely convince any chick to move in…or just, you know, spend the night. It beats a dude-smelling man cave every single time.

  1. The art of entertaining guests.

I remember a chick once telling me that nothing is more embarrassing than bringing a guy to a party only to find him shadowing her. Want to impress a girl? Don’t follow her around like a loyal pet dog. Instead, talk and meet new people as well. Don’t forget to check in on her every once in a while though to remind her that she’s still the belle of the ball!

  1. Include others in your universe.

I know you have a lot of things to brag about. Your resume could be five pages long for all I care, but don’t brag, baby. Let her discover how awesome you are on her own. Instead, keep an open mind. Strive to learn more about her, and when you disagree on a certain ideal, listen to her anyway.

  1. Cooking.

It’s the way to a man’s heart but it can also work the other way around. Nothing speaks more “husband material” than a man who knows how to cook delicious food.

  1. Becoming a man of honor.

Honor is a very important trait, but you can learn how to become a man of honor even if you’re not born with that heroic trait. Start with the small things. Calling her when you said you would. Showing up on time on every single date. Keeping track of ALL your promises from the small ones to the big ones and keeping them.

  1. The art of apology.

Learn how to apologize the right way. Be sincere. Look straight into her eyes to let her know you’re serious. Enumerate the things that you’re sorry for so she knows that you’re sorry for the right reasons. And most of all, remember this rule: WOMEN ARE ALWAYS RIGHT, even when they’re wrong.

  1. Being able to grow stuff.

We’re not talking about growing things that you can smoke, we’re talking about the serious stuff, like a healthy herb garden or even a beautiful fairy garden.

  1. Being thoughtful.

One thing that’s sure to impress ANY lady is being thoughtful and not just remembering to bring her flowers during your anniversary. We’re talking about some hardcore memory work here from remembering her favorite chick flick to getting the names of all her childhood friends correct even after a year of introduction.

  1. Being kind.

Finally, here’s the number one skill that EVERY woman will be impressed. Being kind. We say this as a skill because kindness can definitely be learned. You’re brought up to become the world’s best as being a douche? No problem. Just always keep this in mind: what’s the kinder way, whether that be being such a gentleman to the elderly or being caring to a stray pup.


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