How Does When Will I Meet My Soulmate Tarot Spread Work?


How Does When Will I Meet My Soulmate Tarot Spread Work?

Finding a soulmate is no easy task. Think about it, how many girls have or men have you dated thinking that they were “the one” only to be frustrated by reality? Well, we have all been there, I have dated 5 times thinking that I have found the one but I have always ended up disappointed. A time came that I thought that all these things about the one and soulmate is an illusion and there is nothing like that. It was until early this year that I started hearing people talk about and how one can find his soulmate from it. I did not want to “waste” my time trying because I thought I was just going to find just another girl who was going to disappoint me within no time. But then I started seeing people talking about how they found their soulmate from on my feed. I was kind of interested. I learnt some tarot card meanings and how it works and I can agree with what they say, that finding your other half can be super easy. Interested in knowing how it works? This is how:

  • Pick your soul card (first card).

Let us be real, who is the most important person in your life? Some will say their moms, others their dads but the fact will remain that you are the most important person in the world. The first card that you will pick will represent your current situation and will give you a chance to have some moment looking at your inner self. This is very important before you can even think of jumping into a relationship. This is probably where many people go wrong because most people don’t first consider a relationship with themselves. The first card is designed to help you have an insight of your motivations and feelings as you approach love.

  • Their soul card (second card).

How do you perceive the person you are currently in a relationship with? Or how do you perceive your soulmate?  However you perceive him or her, you should know that he or she is out there. She could be next to you right now or she could be a thousand miles from you. The second card that you pick from tarot usually reveals how you view your current relationship or how you will view your future relationship. This insight will help you take a deeper look on how you are perceiving this person as well as your connection.

  • Karma card (third card).

Have you been into so many failed relationships that you feel like you are cursed? Well, you are not alone, a lot of people have been in that situation. You start feeling like there is something beyond your control that is holding you back. When I broke up with my first girlfriend, I felt like the world was ending because I was so nice to her at all times, why would she ever leave me? So I started feeling like it was something that I had done in the past that was haunting me. Ever felt like karma was affecting you? When you pick the third card it will show you the current forces that are at play in your love life. You will get to understand the forces and energies surrounding your love life and how they are impacting on your life.

  • Thorns card (fourth card).

You will agree with me that the road of romance has never been easy from the few relationships that you have tried. This road is always full of roadblocks and bumps so you should be prepared that your love potential is going to be challenged from time to time.  The challenges can either be from the outside or internally but wherever the challenges come from you should always be prepared that the challenges will be there. The thorns card will offer you guidance on how to combat these obstacles that you are going to face on your road to romance. With the guidance from this card you can be sure to face the problems that comes with your sweetheart and have a chance to grow even stronger together.

  • The divine card (fifth card)

The fifth card will give you a wider perspective and the influence of your conscience. It is very important to critically analyze your current situation with a bird’s view way. The divine card will provide you with a wider perspective on who you are and who you have been in your quest to find a soulmate. If you have the bigger picture it is easier to understand the effect you are having in your love life.

  • Destiny card (sixth card).

When it comes to finding your soulmate, waiting for destiny to smile upon you might be the hardest part. When do you get to meet your soulmate? The destiny card will provide you with some insight of where you are headed in your journey in your romance journey. The card will help you see your future taking shape even if you are not aware of how things are unfolding.

  • Magic card (seventh card).

Well, you should know this by now that your love life is written and it will keep on being written and the magic card will help you see some of the chapters in your book that are yet to unfold. The unknown factors are the ones that potentially break our hearts and if you are aware of the unknown factors you can potentially prevent being hurt. The magic card will help you set yourself up in the right direction.

  • Kiss of fate card (eighth card)

This last card in tarot is the one that provides you with the advice that you might want to follow for a better love life. Whether you are searching for your soulmate or you just need some clarity about your current situation, the kiss of fate card will help you find and maintain a long lasting connection.


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